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Zero Ohms / Richard J. Roberts
Music possesses the capacity for awakening a deeper part of the self within. As writer, painter, musician, teacher and producer, Richard follows what he has termed Tao of Zero Ohms (literally: way of no resistance). Zero Ohms aptly describes Richard’s palette of sounds, with flutes and woodwinds from around the planet interwoven with electronics, at once as ancient as it is contemporary. Playing wind-controlled synthesizers and over fifty various flutes, saxes, and other woodwinds, he embraces styles from around the globe and beyond.
Several solo and collaborative efforts have produced an array of notable Zero Ohms releases, including Path of Least Resistance (2005 Lotuspike) and Beyond the Portal (2009, Lotuspike) with northern California synthesist and sound designer Craig Padill, Strand (2009 Monroe Institute) with guitarist Thunderjack (aka Tracy Chappell), and The Sun Is Just the Sun, But the Stars They Call the Heavens (2011 DiN) with Touch-guitar master Markus Reuter. A new solo effort in the works is called Worlds, Afterworlds by Zero Ohms.
The way is clear - to listen while letting go. And this is The Tao of Zero Ohms.


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