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Working closely with my clients, my efforts are aimed at creating the best possible integration between all aspects of the image and the communication of a company or a product, exploiting all possible positive synergies to strengthen and support the brand through the control, the creation and the management of all the fundamental aspects of communication: a clear strategy, the integration of all messages, coherence, esthetic and content values, sustainability of the offered solutions.

My training and working as a graphic designer and a visual communicator is integrated with a long experience as a copywriter and my life story has forged me into a dual-writer, so I have been translating and localizing for many years on many of my projects. I like caring for details, even the tiny ones (the hotel’s key card, the hand-crafted Christmas cards, the personalized newsletter or paginating each single page of the restaurant’s menu) without losing sight of the fundamental “big picture”: the external perception of a cohesive whole.

Recent (and passionate) is the interest for the new communication opportunities offered by the technological developments in the Web and in the field of motion media design.

I speak, write, dream and think in Italian as well as in English.

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