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ZiKR is the developing collaboration between three Chicago based musicians. ZiKR cites influences and inspirations ranging from the beautifully concise minimalism of Erik Satie, the electronic pioneering of Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada, the live feral rawness of Fugazi, and the sound and genre warping My Bloody Valentine. ZiKR has learned to honor as many of these influences as possible both in songwriting and use of musical technology, while also rendering a powerfully unique quality within their own sound and drawing a sharp distinction.
ZiKR was founded by Joseph George (voice, guitar, piano, synthetics, looping machine) and Jimmy Steyskal (drums, percussion, computer processing, other devices). Over the past decade, the two have continuously expanded their range of skill and influence. They are currently backed by the ambient instrumentalist and accomplished visual artist Bill Connors (bass, tabletop guitar, tape machines) whose talents span bass responsibilities and sound collages composed of tape sample arrangements. Bill is also an accomplished visual artist in his own right and has created the artwork used by ZiKR.

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