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A Louisiana native, Jim has lived in Texas for 20+ years. With a Masters degree in Fine Arts, Jim set out in the world performing music, taking photographs and painting. After that stint failed to provide fame and fortune, Jim found employment as a Professional Photographer's Assistant. In a 5 year period he captured hundreds of images for exhibition, magazine ads and worldwide product packaging for companies like Dr. Pepper and Toys R Us. Working closely with Creative Directors and clients alike Jim honed his conceptual thinking and analytical skills.

Following his tenure as a Professional Photographer/Assistant, Jim returned to school to study 3D Animation. Upon graduating, Jim secured a job in the 3D Gaming Industry and remained there for 7 years.

In 2000, Jim turned his attention to Digital Filmmaking. In the decade that followed, his narrative short films screened at Tribeca Film Festival, SXSW, AFF, The Dallas Video Festival, Santa Fe Film Festival, The DGA Theaters in LA and NY, The Houston Museum of Modern Art, and The Isfahan International Short Film Festival. In 2005 Jim was highlighted in the pages of Vanity Fair Magazine as part of a "Future of Film" article. And in 2007 his short film, Life Against Memory, aired on the PBS short film showcase series, "The Territory".

Jim started Zilker Films in 2007 to be a turn-key alternative to large, expensive video production companies. With his technical skills and experience as a tactical problem-solver, Jim created the full-service company that thrives today. As Director, Editor, and/or Cinematographer, Jim's work includes Purina Cat Chow, AMD, HP, Dell, Samsung, Freescale, Motorola, Keller Williams, Southwest Airlines, Home Away, St. David's Hospital, TCEQ, and The Wall Street Journal.

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