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An underground production company based in Philadelphia, Zimbo Films was founded in 2012 by Robert Curry, Anat Eshel and Caroline Boyd. Zimbo Films is dedicated to non-conventional filmmaking, video art, and the publication of local film criticism.

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  2. Emma Arrick
  3. Hannah M Weber
  4. George Silvertooth
  5. Robert Curry
  6. Liz Taddei
  7. Joshua Martin
  8. Shooting Wall
  9. Ars longa vita brevis
  10. Neal Dhand
  11. Charlette Hove
  12. Adam Peditto
  13. Michael Sugarman
  14. Emily Pfahl
  15. Kimberley Grant
  16. Matt Duffy
  17. Chris Condon
  18. Kevin R Wright

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