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Zinzino is one of the fastest growing direct sales companies in Northern Europe, with sales in the Nordic and Baltic countries. We market and sell espresso machines, coffee, tea and accessories, as well as a product line of functional foods, Zinzino Food. We offer you quality products where health, environment, and a sense of everyday luxury are central. Since 2005, Zinzino is the general agent for the French-Belgian coffee-house Rombouts and cooperates with the Norwegian company BioActive Foods, supplier of the unique oil that is the basic ingredient in our exciting product line Zinzino Food.

Zinzino stands for personal connections between salesperson and customer. Our products are not found in stores and are not marketed through television commercials nor magazines. Instead, it is a sales network of thousands of independent partners who – via direct sales – contact their customers and offer products from Zinzinos assortment.

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