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    ad absurdum

    by Phil Rice

    6 Videos

    What if other products were sold the way video games are sold, would we find those terms acceptable? A series of six satirical shorts explore this question. More info available at: http://z-studios.com/films/ad-absurdum/

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    by Phil Rice

    1 Video

    A set of thematically connected short films exploring that darkest part of shadow.

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    ZS Dissection Lab

    by Phil Rice

    12 Videos

    How To videos for machinima, animation, and video creation in general.

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    ZS Comedy

    by Phil Rice

    16 Videos

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    ZS Music Vids

    by Phil Rice

    6 Videos

    Music videos I have made, for my own music and for the music of others.

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    1000 words

    by Phil Rice

    2 Videos

    a microseries by Zarathustra Studios

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    by Phil Rice

    2 Videos

    The International Machinima Expo

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