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San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba

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Lara Rodríguez started making sense of things for a living in her escapade to Montreal, where she started translating documentaries and fiction. It wasn't long before she payed more attention to the way the movies spoke, rather than what she had to translate.
She was ever since a filmmaker wannabe: She started up by editing short promos and video art pieces in Madrid, which was a first step in editing, followed by taking different positions at short films and advertising pieces, like Uniformadas, by Irene Zoe Alameda, and Refundación de la Izquierda campaign where she learned more about The Biz.
She was nevertheless very keen on audiovisual narrative and serious about it, and ended up with a Diploma in Film and Video Editing from NIC - Instituto del Cine de Madrid, where she worked with Red One for a year. Some of her works as an editor include short documentary "El Intruso", and her taking part in editing "Chicas".
She is now even more serious about it, as a student at the EICTV, where she has even taken up directing.

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