I think I am getting there with this.............
Thank you to Rayna for dangling for me :)

Post Production.

Here's How it's created, the best way I know how to tell you all. :)

You'll need adobe photoshop and adobe after effect cs3 or later

step one get into photoshop and open the pic you want to make 3d.

duplicate the later. then hide the org layer.

back to your showing layer...mask out everything but the subject that will be the foreground part of the picture....ie the person. I generally do it the long way with the eraser and go round the person, till all you have left is the person, delete everything else in that layer......save it as a psd file.......you can delete that layer now.

you can repeat this again if there is something eles from the orig shot you want even further in the foreground...........ie a wall that is closer to the camera then the main subject....or we can go onto the next step

back in the orig layer, you might want to duplicate again incase you make a mighty mess of it.

get the clone stamp tool and basically erase the main subject ( and other subject you might have made a layer of if you are doing more than one) clone stamp your heart out and make it look like that main subject was never there.....once happy save that layer as a psd and lets go into after effects.

create a new comp....usually between 5 and 10 seconds long, make it a nice hd comp.

bring in your two (or three) files and resize them so they are slightly larger than the comp. make these layers 3d. on the main subject layer, pull it closer to on the x axis.

add a camera. i use 35mm.

click position on the camera at the start of the timeline....then using the orbit tool position your shot as to where you would like it to start.......move to the end of the timeline, and readjust using the orbit tool as to where you would like it to end.....you might want to F9 your keyframes for a smoother transition.

for an added bonus if your subject is a person and they have an arm extended or something similar, you can go back to the start of the time line and use the puppet tool, add a couple of points like at the elbow and wrist, then move to the end of the timeline and move the wrist point a little, or as much as you want, this gives a nice illusin of using a very high frame rate and slowing it down.

then it's all about colour correction or any other effects you might want to add to make it look nice...

Inspired by Magnus Engsfors video "suddenly" vimeo.com/1668653

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