A short film from a 3-day cycling adventure in Argolis and Corinth during June 2014. Brovet III returned to region of Mr. P as our super-hero logo suggests. Peloponnisos is the epitome of a cycling ground. There is everything there: high scary mountains, flat plateaux, beaches that stretch as far as your eye can see, ancient monuments and temples, a vast and diverse network of country roads, beautiful villages, farm land and a history that dates back to the beginning of European civilization. Within this background we roamed to find meaning in our own personal physical effort, team spirit, companionship and an attachment to this land that will only truly be ours when we cycle it all.

Brovet: an excursion in cycle therapy and true companionship. We’ll meet again.

Supported by Tokyo Fixed, Cadence Collection, Go Pro.

Full report: 48x17.com/en/shopfront/2014/06/30/english-brovet-iii-mapping-the-undisclosed-peloponnese/

Filmed by Konstantinos Souvatzoglou, Christian Manousarides, Agi Kolyvas.
Edited by Masha.
Music by Dead Man's Bones, "Lose Your Soul" (ANTI records 2009).

Thanks to those that supported and especially Konstantinos and Nastazia, Max from Tokyo Fixed, Sandy from Cadence, Yorgos from Mike-Epidavros and Vagelis Gkravaritis.

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