Understanding Cinema Tutor: Graeme Roger
Eden Court - Gaelic Drama Officer: Ruairidh Nicolson
Eden Court Digital Media Apprentice: Isaac Lawton

This film was made as part of the Understanding Cinema Project, which follows the rules of Cinema Cent Ans de Jeunesse from the Cinematheque Francaise.
All of the films were created as a response to the following exercise:
"A Troubling Encounter" At a certain moment a character or characters have an encounter which troubles them.
Create a film around the provocation above which includes several Long Takes. The film can be edited together, including elements of montage if you so wish. The film will last a maximum of 8 -10 minutes. In one of the Long Takes the camera must forget the character or characters and become autonomous, follow another path and then find the character or characters again. This section should create an emotional or sensational response in the viewer watching the clip.

The Understanding Cinema project is funded by Creative Futures, from Creative Scotland


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