Meet Brent Young and Ben Turley, two parts to the butchering trio that make up The Meat Hook, a sustainably focused meat shop in Brooklyn, NY.

I spent the day with the two friends (and roommates) to find out all about their obsession with sausages – an art form they are quickly becoming famous for in their local neighborhood. Using pork, beef and lamb from whole animals, they’ve amassed a rotating selection of about 30 unique and traditional sausages that are made fresh every weekday.

From “classy” to “trashy”, it’s a way to express their creativity as butchers; but, more importantly, a way to annoy and shit-talk each other to no end. And that’s the fun of it. Watch and see…

**FYI – No one was hurt in the filming of this video. Well, on second thought, maybe Brent…if I had to guess. :)

Classy Sausages:

* Red Wine & Rosemary
* Garlic
* Toasted Fennel
* Red Chorizo
* Green Chorizo

Trashy Sausages:

* Bacon-Cheeseburger
* Long Dong Bud
* Taco Dog
* Banh Mi Dog
* Spicy Big Bite

Shot & Edited by Storyteller: Liza de Guia
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Thanks for watching food. curated. Happy eating!

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