On this sketch, I used a brush that painted both ellipses and rectangles. I only used the mouse position (x and y) for determining the color fill of the shapes, and added alpha in order to achieve transparency on the drawing (which gives a sense of vanishing... It makes it ephemeral). I also used pmouse and mouse commands when drawing for leaving a trace behind the new drawings. For styling up a little bit, I decided to use the "DILATE" filter on the brush which increases the size of the luminous areas while drawing (it animates it additionally), and also creates a feeling of diffusion of the drawing... Giving it sometimes the appearance of a watercolor painting, which resulted interesting.

I used 2 audio files. One rhythmic which I decided to play very slow to give a sense of unpredictability and an organic drum sound (almost a minimalistic tribal musical landscape). The second file was included at normal speed, and it consisted of a pad sound sample, reverted and processed with ableton (to decrease the bitrate, saturate and reverberate it a little bit).

I really like mixing colors in my sketches... It looked to me like something happening in the SUN, like an exchange of energy... That's why I decided to call this sketch "Solar Painting"... Luminous and beautiful... But mysterious and unpredictable at the same time.

I hope you guys enjoy it!

Greetings from Caracas, Venezuela!

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