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3D Animation. VFX . Creative Team . Design . Latest Technologies . Digital Content . Interactive Solutions

1000 VOLT POST PRODUCTION Istanbul . Los Angeles

We are a leading post-production company in the film and advertising industry, providing superior service to our customers using our infrastructural strength, professional point of view, and 24/7 uninterrupted service approach.

Identifying the needs and expectations of the industry and our clients using our principles of ‘right analysis' and ‘right time', and thus facilitating the development of the industry. Also providing 24/7 service without compromising professionalism and high quality.
Ensuring the continuance of researches, studies and applications in order to increase the quality of the products as well as leading the way for the industry by contributing to its development.
Improving and helping others to improve by competing with ourselves. Providing services that are always more than the expectations.

To develop and ensure the continuance of professionalism, high quality and customer synergy principles, which are the building blocks of 1000 Volt.
To use our creative team to, produce solutions for our clients, lead the way for them and deploying the projects accordingly.
To ensure that our technology is on a par with our counterparts all around the world.
To apply the communication and budgeting procedures in the post-production industry without compromising our ethical values, reputation or reliability.
Leading the way for the industry and introducing the firsts.

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