This projected light installation was produced during Andrew Pepper's MFA at the University of Reading in the early 1980s and was shown at a number of exhibitions including the ICA Young contemporaries where it was a prize winner and, over following years in Cologne, Germany and Copenhagen, Denmark.

A 35 mm black and white slide is projected across a darkened gallery space and through a rotating 1 x 1 x 1 meter cube filled with fine white lines which extend between the edges of the cubic frame.

As the structure slowly rotates so the lines from the drawing of a cube on the slide are intercepted by the site lines to produce small points of light which move within the display volume.

The resulting three-dimensional image/object exists somewhere between an animated drawing and a physical object. It can be observed from multiple viewing positions (observers can walk around the installation as if it were an object and view it from the front, side, back or any point between these).

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