An amazing day on an amazing beach Wingsurfing.

Wingsurfing is a sport which combines a Kitewing, and a Dirtsurfer. It requires wind in excess of 10 knots and plenty of space. This video was recorded at Greatstone beach on the South Coast of England.

Kitewings are made in Finland and are designed for use on ice. The wing is designed to provide lift and forward power and a 5.5m2 sail was used in the video.

Dirtsurfers are an Australian invention which have a very similar feel to snowboarding. They are two wheeled and are controlled by leaning. They are also used in gravity sport.

Speeds up to 45 mph are reached in this video, the wind was 16 - 18 knots.

The filming was recorded entirely on a GoPro HD, no colour work has been done to the video, this is exactly as it came off the SD card (apart from 50% opacity in the first few sequences). A great piece of kit.

Music : Heavy Cross. Gossip.

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