Selected clients where asked to take part in an part online/group fitness program for a period of seven weeks.
At the completion of the program I interviewed some of the guys using the following questions:
1. Why did you do the program?
2. What was your number 1 goal?
3. Rate your understanding of the program 1-10 (e.g self-testing, starting level, exercise programs and nutrition) 10 being Very High.
4. Rate your commitment to the exercise program 1 - 10 (10 = not missed a session) in 7 weeks?
5. Rate your commitment to the nutrition program 1-10.
6. What has been the biggest improvement area? E.g waist loss, push ups strength?
7. Would you recommend the program to any of your family or friends? If not, then please give a reason why and how the program can improve for you to recommend.
8. Personal testimonial (if any).

See the video to hear what results these guys got.

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