When Rene Magritte was asked about his painting Time Transfixed (an image of a train emerging from a lounge room fireplace frozen in time) he said that he simply wanted to “evoke the mystery”.

My interest is in exploring this mystery and for me this mystery is tied to the idea of Sehnsucht.

Sehnsucht is a German noun that is difficult to translate adequately; it describes a deep emotional state of intense longing. Sehnsucht is sometimes felt as a longing for a far-off country, but not a particular earthly land, which we can identify. Furthermore there is something in the experience that suggests this far-off country is very familiar and indicative of a nostalgic sense of what we might otherwise call "home". The majority of people who experience it are not conscious of what or who the longed for object may be, and the longing is of such profundity and intensity that the subject may immediately be only aware of the emotion itself and not cognizant that there is something longed for. The experience is one of such significance that ordinary reality pales in comparison.
The imagery and elements in this installation aim to set up a type of material and perceptual cognitive dissonance. Structurally it originated with the Magritte painting Time Transfixed. Elements such as water, CGI virtual forms (a long lost Thylacine* etc.), peppers ghost (a holographic illusion) and the spherical shaped works are intended to inform both a personal and a universal experience of Sehnsucht.
*The Thylacine in this work was created by José Antonio Peñas (Madrid, Spain).

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