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  1. Artist Profiles

    by Victoria Dale

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  2. Love storytelling

    by Erick Flores Garnelo

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    For those who are never tired of discovering something new.

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    by Venture Christian Church

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  4. Collin's Favorites

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    Displaying some Vimeo's finest featuring songs licensed from Musicbed.com. Carefully curated by the Musicbed team, this collection of videos reflects exceptional aesthetics and top-shelf storytelling.

  7. Portraits

    by Jack Whaley

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  8. like it


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  9. Michael Hanson's Top Story Picks

    by Michael Hanson

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    These are a collection of my favorite stories on Vimeo, I love all stories with strong meaning - one of the biggest things about creating films and telling stories is we have to keep feeding our creativity.…

  10. VideoMaker Inspiration

    by [sTen]*

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    Video I Love, Video from professional and not professional people who love filming and make story. Please link me videos you want to submit in the box below!

  11. fearful and in need of beauty

    by matt wolfe [cc]

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    Sometimes I find myself crashing, tailspinning, and I just can't push above water. Used to be I didn't know what to do about it; didn't know that with my last breath I could always…

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    Nothing but the BEST from Vimeo! Digital Arts, Short Movies, Music, Travel, Experimental, Animation & Stop Motion Design, Computer Graphics, VFX and all kinds of creative short visual HD entertainment.…

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