Fully explanations and Tutorials coming soon on my web (Work in progress) ;)

-Platforms attempt to counteract the movement of the balls to take them to a relaxed state and prevent them from falling.
-The motion of the platforms is fully automatic and is dependent on the speed of the balls and their mass and size.
-The tool is completely procedural, customizable and works in real time.
-Also the platforms motion can be driven by a map.

-Objects are always reconstructed respecting the fragments created at the time of destruction.
-It doesnt matter the angle with they fall to the ground, the objects are always reconstructed standing up.
-The tool always works regardless of the shape of the object and can operate several different shapes at the same time.
-The objects are not pre fragmented, they break automatically when they hit the ground or are impacted with a bullet.
-You can control everything about the physics, the breaking/fragments of the objects and the rebuild.

-The movement of the characters is given by the physics.
-The motion of them is totally procedural and without keyframes
-You can control the amount of characters, their falling speed and the time they remain stuck to the wall among other things.

Space Invaders
-The character tries to dodge the bombs being dropped by the invaders, at the same time the character tries to destroy them before they reach the ground.
-Defenses are destroyed as they are struck.
-The AI of the character can be adjusted to be more or less effective.
-The number of ships can be customized and the fire cadence increased or decreased.

-The design of the robots is fully customizable. You can ajust the height, the number of legs, their shape among other thinks.
-Also their motion can be customizable. Their speed, the step distance
-They Autoajust to the ground no matter the shape it has.
-The robots move towards a helper point (that can be moving) and they avoid all the obstacles in their way and all the other robots so they never get intersected.

-The ship destroys the asteroids that are the greatest threat to her life while is trying dodging the rest.
-Each time an asteroid is destroyed it is divided into two smaller asteroids.
-The number of asteroids and her size, the responsiveness of the ship and the aggressiveness can be personalized.
-if something reaches the edge of the map, it reappears on the opposite edge.
-In this example the number of asteroids is very high to show the effectiveness of the ship.

-The character tries to pick the coins he found while trying to dodge/kill the enemies or jump the ravines.
-Stage is automatically generated following given rules that can be customized.
-You can also customize the size/difficulty of the stage and the number/position of enemys/falls.

-The motion of the aircraft is designed to mimic reality as closely as possible.
-If a plane turns right, leans to the right and so on.
-The amount of tilt depends on the speed of the plane and the position and distance of the target point.
-Each plane searches and tries to destroy the closest objective, but try to avoid it when it is very close.
-On the other hand we have the flak cannons that seek and try destroy the nearest planes.

-The TP system can create the maze for you or you can import or create a path that will be the maze.
-Any maze can be solved by the AI, you only have to tell the system a starting point and the exit with two helper points.

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