CYNICAL METABALLS - "A generative fucking game full of generative shit"
Leap motion + Oculus Rift arcade flying video game using real life terrains made out of NASA topographical data and satellite images. Features: generative models, audio-responsive shit, depth of fields, random insult generator, online top score leaderboard, real-time lighting according to the sun's current position in space, random cloud pass, bespoke sound fx & music, environment shit, wow factor & dead bunnies. This game can be played without the Oculus rift as shown at the beginning of this video.

Entirely developed in vvvv by evvvvil aka Mangosh Prunier
Music and sound fx by SAGA aka MAX HASTINGS
Filming by Piotr Kuszneruk
Editing by evvvvil and Piotr Kuzneruk

Download link coming soon on vvvv website, stay tuned and keep it noided.

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