This video was made for the ABC Open project Life’s Big Questions, and shot at picturesque Mollymook Beach on the NSW South Coast.

The thing I love about being involved with ABC Open projects, apart from learning fantastic film-making skills from talented producer, Sarah Moss, each time I have interviewed someone (twice now) I am surprised at how, without meaning to, the most intimate and intriguing details of a person’s life can be uncovered. I am really interested in people and their stories.

So when Gwen answered my question “What was a great day for you?” with “The day I met my husband”, I wanted to know a little more. It was then I discovered Gwen met her husband on the Internet.

I hope you enjoy hearing the joy in Gwen's voice when she talks about meeting her husband online after being single for over 10 years.

And Gwen's story particularly resonated with me because that’s also how I found my partner, 13 years ago!

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