Official Music Video for "Refuse To Sink" from the West Zoo mixtape.
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Forgot about the Nubian riots
Now the movement is a Biased suicide, lioness
Concrete jungle click
That held me down,
in the golden age of the apocalypse
Gave a note to the bird of the king
I'm sure he will forgive me for all my chit
Reformed it,
like Martin luther did
But our beliefs are little different
My mind is a little ambient
Counter culture relevant
Pick both sides of my brain
And you will find 80s cocaine
Never did it,
But took enough
drinks to the head
While reading poems
Langston Hughes, T.S. Elliot
Pablo Neruda
Avoid the embrace of the intruder
The American border beracudas
Coyotes that work for the red white and blue
You might follow them
through the underground rail road
But they are not lead
by Harriet Tubman's Holy Ghost
Listen while you pray,
Take a dose
No chase, fully whole
Rhymes in a suit case,
On the way to Do some shows
Fools looking for gold
I can't even make enough to bump me a clove
Hipster clothes
Hiphop flow
With a little samba on the side
Drinking wine that's fallen from the sky
Woke up next to a dime
Bliss only comes after the witherness
And you get a hand full of fear if you forfeit

Let's escape where we from

You and I alone
Together in Rome

You and I alone
Taking down Rome

Refuse to sink

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