Sony A7s Philip Bloom Hint of blue no grain

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Other Grade Test of this clip:
More Aggressive Grade/Green-ish:
Sony A7s Philip Bloom Skin Tone Color Test:

Cinegama 2
ISO 100
Sigma 35mm f1.4

I will add a still frame of my After Effects project on my web site so you can see how many layers it took to grade this. One thing needed fixed was that skin color competing wall behind Philip. Those are one of those things you need to remember when filming. In a real production we would paint that wall. FYI: I know Philip was in a hotel room doing this quick test so I know he couldn't do such a thing.

I choose Colorista2 over resolve any day.

Since I do not have the Sony A7s and still deciding if I should get it, the best thing I have is the footage people put online for download. I would like to thank Philip Bloom for letting us download this clip for testing. This is just the first part of the video he download, I just wanted to test the skin tone. You can find the original clip here.

I did transcode the clip to Cineform 444 film scan 2. Not sure if it was needed because I did not have time to try the original. I just always did this to my DSLR clips.

My goal this time around was to go for a grade that I might do on an actual project. I added some film grain because I happen to like that look. I know I can tweak all night long but I ran through this just to get something I was happy with. Let me know if you have any question.

Also check out Philip bloom web site and his review of the Sony A7s here.

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