I have a file where I keep “Fancy Stuff”—things that tickle my fancy.

I just added something cool to that file.

Last month I stumbled on one of those unplanned surprises that tickled my fancy. Here’s a video about what that was. Notice the child that begins swaying in rhythm near the end. Very cute.

Or maybe you want to read more first about why all this might matter, at least to me…

Not long ago I read an article that said the number one attraction at the Smithsonian Institute is the ruby slippers that Judy Garland wore in the Wizard of Oz movie. That really tickled my fancy! I love this sort of stuff--fascinating bits of seemingly trivial, yet revelatory, information. This one is an unequivocal statement about what people are really interested in. About what is important to them. A demonstration of their true priority. Better than any poll or survey. Wow! Cooool!

The Wizard of Oz is an archetypal story. A classic myth. A timeless story. It's about life and how it works. It is a map of the journey from passivity to activity, dependence to freedom, head to heart, childhood to maturity, control to surrender, separation to unity, outside to inside, and more.

It's about looking for and finding lost parts of ourselves: the discovery of courage, love, intelligence, understanding, compassion, empathy, acceptance, enthusiasm -- all the spiritual laws.

It's about interdependence (we need community or a network).

It's about chasing rainbows and discovering that the real treasure is invisible (and inside).

And about the need for a wizard (wayshower or coach) to help, assist and guide. A wizard who appears to be smart, but lets us find that he may not be that smart after all, but is actually smart enough to let us think we are getting back home by ourselves.

All this is what people are most interested in. Fancy stuff. Ruby slippers and rainbows. And this is the "work" I, and most of you reading this, have been engaged in.

There are 136 million fascinating items collected at the Smithsonian. Fascinating stuff. And at the top of the list are ruby slippers!

I've always loved anything that "tickles my fancy". I like to have my fancy tickled. It’s one of the keys to a happy life. Then I mused that I wasn't sure exactly what "fancy" really is. And where exactly is it that is tickled? So I looked it up in the dictionary. If you’re interested, the definitions follow. More keys to happiness are imbedded in the definitions (I particularly liked seeing that part of the origin was “light”).

If you're not interested in the dictionary definition, stop here, and maybe take a look at the video if you haven’t yet.

Have a nice day full of fancy : )

Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural fancies
Etymology: Middle English fantasie, fantsy imagination, image, illusion, preference, from Anglo-French fantasie illusion, from Latin phantasia, from Greek, appearance, imagination, from phantazein to present to the mind (middle voice, to imagine), from phainein to show; akin to Old English gebōned polished, Greek phōs light

Date: 15th century
1 a: a liking formed by caprice rather than reason : inclination b: amorous fondness : love
2 a: notion , whim b: an image or representation of something formed in the mind
3 archaic : fantastic quality or state
4 a: imagination especially of a capricious or delusive sort b: the power of conception and representation used in artistic expression (as by a poet)
5: taste , judgment
6 a: devotees of some particular art, practice, or amusement b: the object of interest of such a fancy; especially : 1boxing

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