It took two months for Sharad Patel to produce and direct this scifi themed promo for Schilling Robotics under employment of Hexagroup. He started the production process with a storyboard/video animatic which was matched almost exactly under his direction.

The production team included Cory Jenson and Alex Yrigoyen (graphic design), Slade Deliberto (3D animator in After Effects, Lightwave and Maya), and Sharad (After Effects, and camerawork in Maya).

For the security cam intro: all the backgrounds are either still frame 3D environments created by Slade Deliberto at Hexagroup or stock still photos (like the elevator) from stock which were composted and visually treated by Sharad. The voice is by Cecelia Ottenweller at Hexagroup.

Sharad also switched gears and spent over 40 hours alone on creating (recording live musicians, editing, and mixing) the music track in Pro Tools. The music is based on "Suffragette City" by David Bowie and features Slade Deliberto on guitar, Ben Fordyce on drums, and Andrew Richardson on keyboards and keyboard bass. Sharad added bits of additional instrumentation.

He also directed the actors, with DP Robert Murphy shooting, against a greenscreen at Hassan Nadji's studio "NadjiFilms" in The Heights in Houston.

The purpose of this video was to push an innovative, creative vibe for Schilling Robotics. Their two products (robotic manipulators and ROV's) are already known in their industry (and helped with trying to contain the infamous BP oil leak)

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