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In this 2010 interview, Dr. Graeme Shaw MD is asked Other than Get Well Natural's advanced cooking and concentration process used in its herbal formulations, what else makes Get Well Natural Herbal formulas different than other companies that say they do the same thing? His answer:

In addition to all Get Well Natural formulas being cooked together and concentrated, I prefer Get Well Natural herbal formulas because they were created using proven Eastern Medicine philosophies in combination with the added benefit of Western Medicine concepts of disease.

This knowledge and integration of Western and Eastern Medicine created the foundation for the development of more effective herbal formulas versus those based solely on Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs and herbal formulas. Whenever you use master herbalists to create herbal formulas, you can get a good end product. But, when you can use master herbalist that are also western trained medical doctors, the potential for even greater and more advanced products is created.

Another great aspect of Get Well Natural's product line is that the company only uses 100% kosher and vegetarian sourced gelatin capsules. Most of the other products on the market contain bovine (beef bone) capsules since they are much cheaper. Get Well Natural did not want to have its herbal products to contain any animal bovine sources and thus they use only the more expensive vegetarian capsules in all their products.

Click the link below to learn more about taking control of your health naturally.

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