Lenny Broberg, Mr. International Leather 1992, gives a concise introduction to the BDSM niche of the LGBT community, from the patio of the famous Eagle leather bar in San Francisco. Love the reference to "sweater bars!" After our chat with Lenny, we trek over to Mr. S. Leather, another icon of the San Francisco leather scene, where Garrett Ball gives us an education about some of the basic gear one might acquire as one gets ready to 'play.'

From Network Q Out Across America Episode 22 August 1993. Watch the rest of the episode at youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdga93I4JxjojG4aMKGw_pS5vDRfO3B_Q

Executive Producer David Surber; Associate Producer Aaron Litwin; camera Jeff Cowan, Aaron Litwin, Jason Labatt; production assistance Ted O'Neil, HiC Luttmers, Andrew Coven, Alex Cabal, Michelle Ortega; senior editor Clark Morris; online editors Darryl Frank, Mitch Kenison; production coordinator Carol Morgan; administrative support Ched Kindley and Chris Montoya; post production :30 Second St., Ltd. Additional editing David Surber.

Originally distributed via subscription on VHS tape; aired on public television in the US in 1995.

BDSM, Lenny Broberg, Mr. S. Leather, 1993, San Francisco, History, Documentary, David Surber, networkq.lgbtv, LGBT,

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