An interview with the CTO of youDevise, a RiverGlide client, and Antony Marcano of RiverGlide.

youDevise knew that there were opportunities that they could not fully take advantage of. Their release cycles were quarterly and developer time was being consumed fixing 10s of production bugs after each release rather than adding new features. Being able to keep up with the demands of the market is crucial to the success of youDevise.

youDevise brought in RiverGlide’s expertise, resulting in a transformation that helped youDevise go from a strong market share to “owning the market”, to use the words of their CTO. youDevise’s release capability is now fortnightly with an average of 1 defect every two to three releases (fewer defects in a year than they had in a single quarter previously). Developers now spend their time delivering new value and youDevise have the ability to deliver a requested feature within 2 weeks. Now it’s easier for them to keep existing customers happy and win new business.

“Antony and Andy are full of great ideas like their pairwithus project. Steady guidance and coaching from RiverGlide for our staff made all the difference in taking us from releasing once a quarter followed by frantic bug-fixing, to our present fortnightly high-quality deployments. We look forward to working with them lots more as youDevise grows.”
-Douglas Squirrel, CTO, youDevise

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