Yeah it is on again, just good times in the välley! Skateboarders from all over Carinthia and the south of Austria found their way up to the Nocky Mountains.

We saw some really good lines, tricks, smiles and high fives and that´s what we wanna see stress, just enjoy skateboarding with friends.

Thanks to all the sponsors which support us over the years!! Would be nothing without you ;)

Sponsors: - Desperados Beer - Rollei Actioncam - Monster Energy Drink - G-Love Villach - Blue Tomato Villach - DC Shoes - Etnies Footwear - Reell Jeans - Blind Skateboards - Skullcandy Earphones - Dye Goggles & Accessoires - Ripzone Clothing - Bang Bang Bandana - 7/9/13 Belts (+Shop) - Boardmag

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