The international civil resistance "" publishes a short movie "Stop Genocide in Ukraine! Save Donbass People From Ukrainian Army!" Please, share this video! Other languages available (see below).

We all share the same planet. Once fueled in one place, the fire of hatred, Nazism and civil war will raven the entire globe. The Nazi regime of Kiev condones genocide slaughtering civilians with air and artillery strikes and missiles.
The junta of Kiev violates the international humanitarian law, including the Geneva Convention of 1949, in every possible aspect. The Nazis thugs that have taken over Ukraine violate basic human rights in Donetsk, Lugansk, Slavyansk and many other communities in the East of what used to be Ukraine.

We appeal to the human rights organizations. We call for the media that still cares about human rights and international law, treating them as concepts, rather than buzzwords, to help us to conduct unbiased investigation on the crimes, which Kiev has committed on our soil.
Now there is conclusive evidence involving OSCE observers account video footage and photographs of the Ukrainian army's air attacks on civilian populace and structures.
We call for the international community to intervene now.

Stop the madness of Kiev's Regime! Save Donbass People From Ukrainian Army!

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