Mr. Mason brings you the local news with a local twist: it ryhmes!

This was a fun experiment to see if we could make an entire story that rhymes with 'ation'.

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Stephen Kuhl - "Mr. Mason"/Writer
Micah McFarland - Director/Cinematographer/Writer
Nathan McFarland - Editor/Boom/Writer

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Shot entirely on the Canon HV20.

There was a complication
in the interrogation,
of a Croatian
which led the Haitian civilization
into an inflammation
for the installation
of the population's liberation

Their supplication,
gained appreciation
and motivation
from the Ation Nation
for the facilitation
of their aspiration.

The deliberation,
of their emancipation allegation,
was under investigation.

But their miscommunication
caused great frustration,
desperation, and aggravation.

The compilation of defenestration
and perforation of the situation,
beset trepidation, of the ramification
to the reformation and illumination,
of the declaration.

The station
has just received information
of the fabrication
of the implication!
Those responsible are undergoing examination.

It was a falsification
whose only explanation
can be attributed to the mispronunciation
of floccinaucinihilipilification.

I quit.

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