Some stills & production clips from the making of Pixellation. One for the nerds. Watch the original film here:

0:16-0:20 - gripper modelling stills from Groboto
0:20-0:35 - gripper rigging in Cinema
0:35-0:40 - door build in Modo using MeshFusion. Lots of nodes. Not sure how to better explain this bit!
0:40-1:00 - setup scene & rig in Cinema. Heavy use of Topology maps to modulate materials and achieve worn/shiny edges
1:00-1:08 - production line setup, using simple dynamics and lots of fine tuning
1:08-1:24 - conveyor belt build, using spring connectors and even more fine tuning
1:24-1:35 - inspector, made with a ridged spline from here:
1:35 - 1:39 - compositing in AE
1:40 - 1:49 - inspector UI breakdown. Lots of Nodes from Yanobox:
1:50 - 2:08 - type effect workflow
2:08 - 2:19 - CCTV logo breakdown

Probably as close as I'll get to doing a tutorial, so shout if there's any other details that you might be interested in.
All camera work uses the awesome camera rig, SteadyCamPro:

Audio for this clip is 'Submerged', from Perverse.

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