In the video above members of the Idle No More movement discuss their initiatives, mobilization of the red feather, and its links to the 2012 Montreal student protests. One such red square and feather will be featured in the V&A’s forthcoming exhibition ‘Disobedient Objects’

This video was created by Isabeau Doucet -

Transcription of the Red Feather Video:

00:00- Dupuis– ‘We started wearing the red feather to show our support to first nations. And in Quebec, because of the red square worn by Quebec students during the ‘Maple Spring’.

00:15 - Well it’s a natural follow up for us because we were supporters of those students because we felt it was an injustice towards them. And at our meetings there were not just not native people.

00:30 - I feel that if we were just doing it as native, we could have had loads of symbols. But as a red feather we are uniting the idea that in Quebec we get under a banner all together. We are helping each other.

Chatting demonstrators -
00:45- They told us to bring red feathers to show our support…to wear it to support the movement.

Lariviére –
01:00- So the red feather, first of all, is a traditional symbol for the aboriginal peoples. It’s also a wink towards the red square that was used in the students strike during the Maple Spring last year. And also, the color red is a symbol of fighting and struggle.

01:15- So that’s why we also chose the red color for the feather – it is a traditional symbol. And the color means fighting and struggling for our rights,

01:30- democracy and social justice.

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