A video by Marco Fumolo and Simon Reichel.

Poetry is more than just words. This is our interpretation of one of Friedrich Nietzsche's darkest pieces. It was written in 1884, shortly before the greatest philosopher of his time (and arguably of all times) began his descent into madness - estranged from family and friends, alone, even at the height of his fame and craft, never to recover. Was he talking about himself, about Goethe's Faust (as scholars have suggested) or about the fear and tragedy inside each one of us when we contemplate the possibility of having made a life-defining mistake?

Actor: Hans-Maria Darnov
Narrator: Ekkehardt Belle

Director & Editor: Simon Reichel
Director of Photography: Marco Fumolo
Original Score: Benjamin Bury
Sound Production: Felix Hofer
Sound Mastering: Felix Hofer, Daniel Bury

Friedrich Nietzsche: Vereinsamt (1887) - translated by Simon Reichel

Screams of the crow,
Not long, off to the town they will have flown:
Soon comes the snow, -
A bliss to have somewhere to call – a home!

Frozen you stand
Watching the past, alas! It’s been so long!
You fool, you ran
And fled the hearth with winter looming on.

The world – you’re tossed
Into a thousand deserts still and spent.
He who has lost
What you have lost, will find no end.

Stand pale and doomed,
Ever to wander winter’s ice
Like smoke and fumes
that always seek the colder skies

Fly, bird, and croak
Your song to desert’s silent cheer! -
You fool, and cloak
Your bleeding heart in frost and sneer

Screams of the crow,
Not long, off to the town they will have flown:
Soon comes the snow, -
A curse to have nowhere to call a home.

Original German Version:

"He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you."

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