Second trailer for Ghost Light.
In the wake of a campus tragedy, Erin inspires her cast and crew to a commemorative performance.

Ghost Light
Directed by David Charpentier
Written by Leah Thomas
Music by Danny Forde

Ellen Humphreys as Erin
Julie Ann Earls as Alex
Adam Eramo as Billy
Jimmy Blackmon as George
Laura Detwiler as Cecily
Jeanine Frost as Renee
Ryan Williams as Gus
Chantel Deane as Nellie
Jake Murphy as Paul
Elizabeth Renda as Liz
Adam Slater Lawrence as Karl

Produced by Michael Callahan
Cinematography by Oleg Bolotov
Lighting by Jim DanDee and Tyler Lambert Perkins
Production Design by Lauren Scully
Costumes by Meagan Gorham
Edited by Laura Jennings and David Charpentier
Sound Recording by Jack Garrett and Hanna Matyiku
Sound Mixing by Sweatshop Studios

Photographed on location at Wheaton College, Norton, MA and the College of Fine Arts, Boston University, Boston, MA
Photographed on the Sony F3 with KiPro.

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