Performance: Eliza Soroga & B Hanusova
Videographer-Editor: Manolis Mavris

London Bridge, Monday 7th of July 2014, 8am
BREAKFAST in London Bridge is the first experiment of Because of Art public performance series. Through this project, we aim to take over various busy public locations in London and make site-specific art work incorporating the reality of the chosen sites. Breakfast in London Bridge performance experiments with a simple rhythm contradiction: how a slow-pace everyday action of having a breakfast blends in with the quick-pace of a rush hour on a Monday morning.
Because of Art performance series observe public streets as visionary ‘theatre stages’ inspired by the notion of ‘Expanding Theater’ which derives from the concept that the whole world can be seen as a stage -Theatrum Mundi- an idea that Honore de Balzac first mentioned on his book La Comédie Humaine.

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