Director: Christian Langlois, Executive Producer: Stéphane Choquette, Production House: Sphère Média Plus

Opening credits sequence for Nouvelle Adresse an new tv serie for ICI Radio Canada télévision produced by Sphere Media Plus. This serie is about the big change, the cancer fatality, the family break, the time remaining and the hard reset for everyone. We have created a subjective point of view as a shocked and blured mind set after the diagnostic of the death. We have shot some moody details of nature : sun ray, tree, leaf, water spot... In the positive way, we introducing the idea of falling down with the powerful symbolic of the hair lost and drop, too finish at the ground.

The nature images was shooted in location with Arry Alexa camera in high speed mode with Cook lenses. A fine color grading was made in the Luster. The hair and the hair typography was done on CGI with Cinema 4-d, XSI and compositing was made in AE by Fly studio. The musical soundtrack is Dazmo production.


Clients: Sphére Média Plus - Ici Radio Canada Télévision
Executive producer: Sophie Pellerin, Jocelyn Deschênes, Sphére Média Plus
Post proudction producer: Christine Lévesque, Sphére Média Plus
Creative Director consultant: Christian Langlois, mémoire liquide
Production: mémoire liquide
Producer: Stéphane Choquette
Film Director: Christian Langlois, mémoire liquide
Director of Photography: François Dutil
Production Designer: Mélanie Truchon, Sauterelle
Editor: Christian Langlois, mémoire liquide
Post, Color grading, Motion design: Fly studio
Music: Dazmo

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