Ohnoho's BLOWING UP!

It's a title/name ending in a preposition, it's also a state you can put your other pedals in: ("Dude! what's that sound?! " Man, I'm making that fuzz BLOWING UP"),

How do you make stuff BLOWING UP?

You get one of these of course!

Bullet Points:

* 40db-80db of boost (depending on input level) most of it is clean (depending on input level).
* easy to use: one knob
* true bypass
* standard boss +9v power connector
* lifetime warranty like all Ohnoho pedals
* back plate has a disclaimer on it! "YOU MIGHT BLOW SOMETHING UP!" kinda nerd, kinda tough guy if you ask me.
* bullet points are fun

Watch the video!

(You owe it to yourself to watch it full screen and in HD. Get the full experience and GAS away, will ya?)

Why I built it:

I'm a big fan of seeing what new sounds I can bring out of old gear. I love distorting anything that has an input. There are worlds of distortion still left to be discovered in micro cassette recorders, karaoke machines, VCRs, camcorders, etc. You might find a really interesting texture that you have not heard anywhere else.

This is why I built BLOWING UP. I tested a ton of clean boost circuits and even liked a few of them (tip of the hat to ZVEX for the Super Hard On). But none of them were, for lack of a less "energy drink" term, E X T R E M E . I wanted something dangerous, something that would output buttloads of voltage in to thirsty inputs.

I went to the drawing board and discovered some pretty cool ways to build amplifiers in small boxes.

And that's what we have here.

It's a loud ass, mutha suckin' amp in a box.

Buy this if your current clean boost collection just doesn't get loud enough.

Buy this if you've always wanted a clean boost but haven't pulled the trigger yet. In lower volume settings it'll do what most others will.

Buy this if you want to grab anything and everything with an input and see what happens when it's BLOWING UP.


So far I've plugged in every pedal and every audio device I own to BLOWING UP. I have not had one single failure yet. But I wouldn't be surprised if something does get damaged at some point from BLOWING UP activities. When the pedal is cranked it's outputting some serious juice.

By using BLOWING UP you agree not to hold me/Ohnoho responsible for any damage done to anything connected to it. It's up to you, the end user to educate yourself on how to use it.

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