Amoco Milford Haven
The biggest wreck in the mediterranean sea.
The tanker Amoco Milford Haven sunk the 14 April 1991.

The supertanker Haven was launched in Cadiz during 1973: she was 335m-long, 52m-wide, with a maximum capacity of 230000 tons

The complete name of the tanker was Amoco Milford Haven and a true spell was over the Haven and its sister-ships: the Haven itself had a throubled life: she was seriously damaged by a missile in the Persian gulf during the Iran-Iraq war; the Amoco Cadiz sunk off the coasts of Brittany in 1978, causing a horrible ecologic disaster; the Maria Alejandra exploded off the coasts of Mauretania in 1980; and the Mycene exploded and sunk off Senegal coasts.

On April 11, 1991, the Haven was anchored off Genova Multedo harbour: an explosion occourred in a tank and the Captain and four men of the crew died. A tug tried to tow the tanker closer to the coast, but the bow was broken off and sunk: now it lies at a depth of -490m. After three days and a series of explosions, the Haven sunk on April 14.

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