Artists & Company.

Stepping into Artists & Company HQ it's clear they play by their own rules. Between the fresh faces, empty coffee cups and polaroids, every room is built for maximum creativity. The house feels like a hide away, a million miles from the monday morning meetings, the deadlines and the egos. There is something refreshing about the way they carry out their work - uncompromised & unfazed by the industry they are in, but with familiar names scribbled on the walls it's clear Artists & Company are making a name for themselves amongst the elite. It's evident this is a new generation of management, a young team determined to be heard.

Speaking to co-founder Dave May it's clear they understand the compeitive and consuming market they are in, no doubt of that. But here, between these walls, it's obvious all that matters is the music. Because as he says, if you lose sight of that - well what are you really doing this for?

Artists & Company is a collective. Founded in 2012 by Dave May, David Gibbs and Tim Bowen the company has quickly grown into a family, a place to create, to share and to develop. With a dynamic and ever growing team the company specialises in management, artist development and social media with its increasing stable of artists and clients alike.

Artists & Company focuses on delivering real, honest music in the modern age. Innovative, professional and outspoken. They welcome you to the journey.

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