*This used to be the short movie 'Sweet inside', but I made some improvements, including title change*

A short movie I made for the Kunstbende (a creative people competition). The theme was 'secrets'
Well, I think it needs a little bit of an explanation, as it is spoken in Dutch (although what they say isn't important).

They are two tough guys, just doing their normal things. As they are watching a movie, they decide to watch the Titanic. Unfortunately for them, they get emotional, a thing they didn't expect - because they are so tough. The Titanic keeps floating around in their minds, even when they're out with friends.
This makes them have a little secret... a secret of which they are ashamed of.

Well, now about making the movie. The idea came after some brainstorming with some other people. It looked good to me, so I decided to give it a try. I tried to film them while they were doing a thing they like to do, hoping that they will act as natural as possible. So there isn't much of directing involved. The editing was quite a tough job. Because creating the story with the footage I got, with a good flow, not making it boring and have a connection between them, was quite hard.
I don't know if I succeeded that well...

Technical specs:
Used my own camera, therefore some noise (especially in the movie scene) in the badly lit environments. The first scene was shot on a wobbly plate on wheels. The movie scene was shot with my self made dolly.
Edited on FCP, including some colour corrections with the '3 way colour corrector', which, I think, turned out amazingly well.

I hope you enjoy...

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