This is a promo that I put together featuring footage from shows I and a friend had shot previously for the second ever punk blowout to be held at the ARK (now SUB ARK) Livehouse on October 21st, 2012 down in Xinxiang, Henan province, Punk Republic of China.

The bands featured in this promo (that performed that night) are/were:
DJF ("DaFeiJi") from Zhengzhou, Henan
PUMPKINS from Xinxiang, Henan
CYCLOPS from Xinxiang, Henan
CITY-CROSS from Xinxiang, Henan
SHOCHU LEGION from Beijing.

The music in this promo is SHOCHU LEGION's song, "DaJiBa."

The Xinxiang punks christened the four bands the "DuanPiarJuLeBu," or, "Drunken Kids Club." 25rmb got you all-you-can-drink beer and bands and it was a packed house and a lot of fun.

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