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This is as official as it gets. At least 2 things distinguish this trailer from Zero, Beer Styles and the never completed or released Brewery Styles Trailer #3 for that matter. This one was created after making the film, at least the dialogue track, and it includes original music from the film.

The dialogue track is the backbone of the documentary. Most of the effort in editing was in weaving all the voices together in a coherent narrative stream that would carry the listener through the film. Much of the time, I was editing the audio track with the video track turned off to better focus on the dialogue. In isolation, the spoken word narration can work as a radio piece because that is how it was made.

The music track also carries the story line, or at least the time line, through the film. The work with Zack was a collaboration. He became familiar with the film, mostly the dialogue track, and I immersed myself in the first version of the score. I put the score into the film and made notes about how I thought it could be made a more perfect fit than already it was. Then we watched it together and talked about how the film was structured and which emotions and text we might attempt to emphasize, soften, or otherwise comment upon in the music track. Then he went away and later sent me the final score that is now a part of the film.

The video track is the third component of film. Along with the dialogue and music, the images are aligned with the timeline of the piece. Time in film is fundamentally linear, even if the audio/visual content provides an illusion of non-linearity or timelessness. Frame by frame. That is how the whole thing is made to exist. Stringing words, music and pictures onto the timeline and cutting away the flash. Polishing this bit over here and letting this patch go rough. Maybe an experimental interlude or 2 just to keep viewers from becoming too complacent. A place where I can play for a moment and try to satisfy Todd Haug (Head Brewer at Surly Brewing Co.) when he says in the film, "put your stamp on it, a little more." He's talking about beer, but I get the drift as well as the draft.

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