In this video, we take an example-led practical tour of Cultivating Culture Change within organisations using the metaphor of gardening. This draws on my experience to include a range of techniques and tools that you can use in your organisation. We explore what a workplace can look like when it has undergone a cultural transformation and where to get started.

Traditionally people approach culture change as an engineering problem or by telling their people what to be. But it just doesn't work like that. Culture is different: it's an emergent property and that requires a different approach.

What's critically important is understanding that all you can engineer with culture is the right conditions and environment for the culture you'd like to see to emerge. You can encourage the behaviours and attitudes you want and discourage those that you don't want, but you can't arrange them directly.

People also often forget that cultural change starts at home - with the behaviours, attitudes and culture of the leadership and senior management. It's not what you say but what you do that counts. Change should always start at the top, led by example and there are no exceptions.

I hope you enjoy the video, all feedback is very welcome.

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