Over the 20 years Chris has been a youth worker he has saved hundreds of lives.

The young people who walk into the Nambucca Youth Services Centre are often in crisis. Homelessness, teenage pregnancy, drug addiction, domestic violence. Chris and the Youth Centre staff work with these issues every day.

What makes Chris special though is his unswerving positivity. Even after two decades of working with kids in the most extreme need, the kids that other people give up on, Chris maintains hope and a belief that these kids will find their way with just a little respect.

The Nambucca Youth Services Centre has been at risk of closing many times over the last ten years and each time, Chris and the team find just enough to keep the doors open and the kids safe.

This film was made by ABC Open Producer, Liz Keen
Surf Photography by Chris Hewgill
Music by Tobias Frost.

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