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All images where shot using The Phantom Flex, Phantom Miro M-320S and the new Phantom 4K Flex with Arri Ultra prime lenses and Chris Bryan Films custom underwater housing's. Please visit my website for more info: WWW.CHRISBRYANFILMS.COM or EMAIL: CHRIS@CHRISBRYANFILMS.COM
Edit: Tom Hannam
Soundmix: Simon "Slash" Hicks
Colour grade: Warren Lynch IC Films
Song: To Build A Home
Featured Athletes in order of appearance:
Random Sumatran cowboy (Opening sequence)
Mike Donohoe-Bodysurfer
Nick Riley-Surfer
Laurie Towner-Surfer
Tom Hannam-Skiier
Marlon Gerber-Surfer
Kelia Moniz-Longboarder
Ryan Callinan-Surfer
Matt Meola-Arabian bird man/Surfer
Wiggolly Dantas-Surfer
Joel Parkinson-Surfer
Sun Yang-Olympic Swimmer
Fa' Empel-Model
Matt Young-Parkor
Richard Christie-Surfer
Chris Burton-Eventing Rider (Horse jumper)
Mikala Jones-Surfer
Kelly Slater-Needs no introduction
Eric Silverman- Flowrider
Clay Marzo-Surfer
African topless woman
Bruce Irons-Surfer
Joel Parkinson-Surfer (underwater)
Jordan Houghton-Skiier
Johnson Florence-Surfer
Dave Rastovich-Surfer (underwater bubble rings)

Todd Barnes (Edit changes)
Vision Research Team
Panavision Australia Sydney Team: Andrew Collier, Peter Lorz and crew team
Jam Hassam
JP de Lespinois (Tech wiz and guy who pours milk all over big black boobs)
David Wakeley
Dave Kelly
Ray Collins Photo
Liam O'Toole
Bernard Roscow (ski tracking shot)
Thredbo Resort-Angus Thomson, Susie Diver
Morgan Flook, Joelan Wong. Team e.
Albee Layer and family (All and Connie)
Dan Norkunas
Jace Panebianco
Jill Marzo (Clay Marzos mom)
Renee Godfrey
Charles Beckinsale (best snow jump builder in the business)
The Captain Tony "Doris" Eltherington
Abel Cine
Toni Lucatorto
Jamie Alac
Juliet McNally
Monica Kuhon
Phiroze Dalal
Phil Martello
Carlo Coral
Peter Grbavac
Darrick Doerner

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