First work of ANHEL (Check:

Nella Turkki & Marc Vilanova
Camera: Antti Ahokoivu
Edit: Carles Pons
Music: Alfredo Ardia & Marc Vilanova


ANHEL is a duet of dancer Nella Turkki and saxophonist Marc Vilanova. This duet of man and woman explores the feeling of longing as an evidence of our existence and contact to somewhere else than where we are physically, or where we have ever been. This feeling is often forgotten in nowadays life, where media and internet are often covering it. ANHEL wants to go deep into the longing as a connecting element between all the humans and that's why the audience plays important role in the performance.

ANHEL communicates without words, creating unique expression with electro- and saxophone music, dance and object manipulation. After performed in various different places in Barcelona, Porto and Helsinki, ANHEL as a touring site-specific performance is suitable for various places.

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