Hot Rod Hearts - Episode 2: Cruel Summer

Who's that guy in the van?!

The ultimate tribute to the song "Hot Rod Hearts."

Buckle up and hold on tight- Its Another Time... Another Place... Where the 1980's beach scene clashes with thundering Hot Rod Races. On Sugar Beach, you've got to watch your back, or race your rod!

Enter Jimmy Jammer, A Drag Racing Drifter, Ignoring friendly warnings he gets caught up in war between the Heavy Metal-Heavy Drinking Gang, the Sharks, and elite racers the Hot Rod Hearts.
Now Jammer and the Hot Rod Hearts face deadly challenges from the Sharks and their aggressive leader, Ripper.

From Director Nick Nummerdor (My Moustache) comes a no-budget action comedy filmed in beautiful Muskegon Michigan. Its good vs bad, win the race, and rescue the girl! But does Jammer have what it takes? Does he have the courage to face the Sharks on their own turf? Inspired by the song "Hot Rod Hearts" by Robbie Dupree and endearingly scored with 80s pop and Thin Lizzy this wild beach comedy will have you smiling and wanting more.

Director: Nick Nummerdor
Director of Photography: Andrew J Morgan
Editing and Motion Graphics: Paul Caddick

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