This program is designed to improve and professionalize students’ interviewing skills through fieldwork in the culturally and historically rich setting of Vienna, Austria. Students will have opportunities to interview subjects in local organizations and communities. Students may also participate in internships at local media outlets. No language background is necessary; students work with translators when interviewing speakers of other languages.


Gain interviewing experience through fieldwork with the multitude of NGOs headquartered in Vienna, in United Nations organizations, in the refugee, immigrant, and host communities of Vienna.
Study with UO Journalism Professor Peter Laufer, award-winning author, broadcaster, documentarian and journalist.

Intern at media outlets such as the English-language public radio station FM 4, the English-language newspaper The Vienna Review and Biber magazine, the iconoclastic periodical for and by immigrants to Austria.

Study on excursions around Vienna and to nearby places such as Budapest, Hungary and Bratislava, Slovakia.

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